Best Friends

Hello Blog. It’s been too long.

I kind of feel like I ditched my best friend for a new boyfriend. We were getting along just fine, then along came Taekwon Do.

I ventured beyond our companionable state into a whole new world; a new set of friends and challenges. It’s a bit encompassing.

Martial arts first spoke to me while watching Kung Fu as a child. It’s where I’m meant to be.

But that’s another blog for another day…

Today epitomized the perfect summer day; blue skies decorated with a few wispy clouds and a gentle breeze stirring the finally, dry air.

Thankful for this I am; as I try to become one with my back spasm.

Since this stabbing pain in my back limits me from doing much more at the moment and my windows are wide open, allowing the breeze to flow through my house, I’ve had the opportunity to take notice of so much more.

The rustling of the leaves and bird song was enough to soothe any soul; but my moments of incapacitation gave me an even more wonderful gift.

The loud rumble of boys, nearly men, running about our yard, conjured thoughts of how things have change over the years.

“Tag” turned into “Man hunt”.

“Snacks” turned into a full course meal.

“Ahhhh, there’s a bee,” followed by flailing arms, turned into “Hey, I just got stung by a bee.”

Those squeaky voices changing to altos. Boys turning to men.

I hope this is the summer they remember forever!

The summer right on the cusp of cars and jobs and girlfriends.

The summer of being goofy with their friends.

The summer that friendships became lifelong bonds.

The summer they will try to recapture later in life.

Love these guys! 🙂


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