New Day

Who doesn’t love to linger in bed in the morning, maybe just a little longer than you should?
On those rare days that I allow myself a few extra moments; I actually gift myself with so much more than rest.
Somewhere betwixt sleep and wake, I stare at the scarred and stained floorboards above me.
I wonder about the souls who have passed through this old building.
I wonder what they were thinking and feeling.
What were their dreams and aspirations?
Were they fulfilled? Were they treated well here?
How many fell in love here? How many just fell?
After wrangling my inquisitive mind a bit, I tend to look ahead to the blank, white wall over my closet.
A quaint landscape currently leans against my hutch, awaiting a home.
It would probably look very nice on this bare white wall, however, I can’t bring myself to put it there.
This small expanse of plain, white wall reminds me that every day is a new day.
It reminds me that I can do or be anything.
I can be energetic and creative.
I can be pensive and melancholic.
I can be ambitious and focused.
I guess for now my landscape will await its place, while my white space helps me find mine!


What do you guys wonder about?