Not the coins rattling around in your car’s console; I mean, life changes.

Me…I like change.

I love the change of seasons!

Just when I’m sick of the cold, dark, icy days of winter; spring arrives.

I love spring! It screams rebirth. It promises new beginnings. It’s a taste of summer.

Once summer rolls in, it’s full bore action! Housework be damned…I’m hitting the beach, riding the waves, strolling through woods and climbing mountains.

I’m sucking every moment of sunshine and warmth into my soul!

Enter heat waves…90 plus degree days with 90 plus percent humidity…homicidal tendencies creep in and I find myself longing for sweaters and pumpkin pie.


Fall rivals my love of spring. Just as I love the excitement of spring, I equally love the settling which fall brings.

Life slows down as everyone gathers their fruit and nuts for winter. I savor the remaining days of warmth, while secretly longing for snowy days on my couch with a blanket and a book.

Yes, change is good…most of the time.

We expect the seasons to change, but sometimes we experience other life changes; abrupt and unexpected ones.

These changes test our mettle.

Perhaps a change you were considering, but weren’t quite prepared for, occurs.

Conversely, a train you never saw coming might crash into your day.

During these difficult times we dig deep, find our strength and focus.

In these moments we really contemplate our lives.

These moments make the otherwise seemingly insurmountable to-do list, the equivalent of an annoying May fly.

These are the moments in which we grow and change.

This is when we prioritize. We decide what really matters. We are forced to see the big picture, as opposed to the mundane details that often encompass our lives.

Change reminds us to live, adapt and transform.

The dragonfly spends up to four years in water, as a nymph, developing into its final, magnificent stage.

I don’t mind hanging out as a nymph for a bit, waiting to see how magnificent I will become.

Embrace change.



A Good Cry

A good cry…an oxymoron, right?
Females will readily understand this notion.
Due to societal convention, many men may not.

By a good cry, I don’t mean a, “gee, that commercial or Facebook post really touched me.”
I mean a, “My world just turned upside down and I don’t know what to do with this pain,” kind of cry.

Sometimes it’s easier to just bury the pain; to just compartmentalize it, and plan to deal with it another day.

Easier isn’t always better.

I’ve lived long enough to have many good cry moments. I don’t feel the need to expound upon that. We’ve all been there. Sickness, death, abandonment, disappointment, heartbreak…

I’ve always considered myself a strong person. Crying, to me, equaled weakness.

(Additionally, I don’t cry pretty like the movie stars! I end up with big, red puffy eyes and a snotty nose…yeah, just not pretty!) 

For the first half of my life, I schooled myself in the art of stoicism.

Again, it’s easier to block things out and focus on the next task than it is to face the problem at hand.

I thought I was so cool. I had the ability to shut down and ignore the pain.

Little did I know the volcano I was building for future eruptions.

Then I grew up…a ‘lil bit…

I realized that crying felt good! Crying was cathartic!

I cried in the woods, walking my dog. I cried walking across the parking lot to work. On really bad days, and I mean REALLY bad days, I have found myself in fetal position on my cellar floor, crying like a baby.

Why am I not afraid to admit this, you ask?

Because every damn time, I managed to let it all out and stand up again and face the next day. Because, just because I cry, does not make me weak. In all actuality, it makes me stronger.

I don’t like the person I was when I didn’t cry.

Yes, I was strong, but no one needs to be fortress strong.

It’s better to be human strong.

So I hope you all cry when you need to and otherwise…skip! 